One on one sessions, tailor-made for your needs.
Mat and equipment based.


Two clients in a program designed to suit the demands of both bodies. Mat and equipment based.


There are six group classes a week to choose from.
Monday 8.00am and 5.30pm
Wednesday 5.30pm
Thursday 8.00am
Saturday 8.00am


Correct muscle balance is probably the most important composite to a successful athlete. Whatever it is you are doing, the power-house, your core-strength combined with the lengthening and strengthening of the required muscles, helps you reach that elite group of contestants.


Everyone wants the best for their kids; one should start early and give them a chance to live the best possible life regarding strength and posture.
Pilates can be that road to a wonderful life in a balanced, strong and mobile body.


The importance of exercise during and after a pregnancy can’t be over-stressed to ensure a healthy Mom + Baby and of course to get your body back soon after the birth of your child.
A healthy body heals faster.  




Any daily routine, at work, home or in sport, tends to use the same muscles over and over and with that, develops some and neglects others, hence we suffer from pain or incur injuries. Back ache, tendonitis, muscle spasms and tears or sprains, Pilates is a proven method of rehabilitation and prevention recommended by Chiropractors and Physiotherapists.


The older we get the more important it becomes to stay mobile and maintain flexibility. Pilates does just that and insures a positive mental attitude with it.
Nesta’s classes are fun filled and warm.


Booty-barre is an exciting new concept born of Pilates, Dance and Yoga. Nesta is one of the first qualified booty-barre instructors in South Africa. Pilates with Nesta is now offering
these exciting booty-barre classes. Prices are the same as the Pilates group classes.




Now at Pilates with Nesta three times a week
Wednesday 6.30pm
- Candlelit under the stars (weather permitting) -
Saturday 7.00am
Sunday 9.00am


Private consultations available (bookings essential) or attend a group session with Q and A’s.

Seasonal eating strategy including recipes, developed by a registered Dietician, RD (SA).

- Sports nutrition -
- Kid’s nutrition -
- Pregnancy nutrition -
- Diabetes -


- Nutri-more program -
- 50% New Year Discount -
- Private or group consultations (bookings essential) -
- Ensuring success by understanding and solving the problem at root level -




Enjoy some pictures of my studio and inspirational images to get you started.


The studio offers a free trial and assessment class to everybody.
Please call or email Nesta for any enquiries.

  • Private Classes
  • R390per class

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  • Pilates, Booty Barre, Yoga
    Group Classes
  • R150per class

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  • Anytime drop-in class for
    Pilates, Yoga and Booty Barre
  • R160per class

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  • Kids Classes
  • Price on request

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Terms and Conditions

All fees to be paid in advance at the beginning of the month.
Cancellations cannot be refunded.
Classes need to be cancelled 24hours in advance.
All “carry-over” arrangements must be taken the same month.
The Client is responsible to disclose any chronic or other medical issues and injuries.
The safety of the client is paramount; Pilates With Nesta takes all measures to ensure this.


Meet Nesta

Nesta Graupner is an Internationally Certified BASI PILATES® Instructor.

A gifted and talented teacher, Nesta has made her passion her life’s mission. This passion is to help others in body, mind and spirit. Her vast knowledge and understanding of the human anatomy and her drive to see people excel is a perfect marriage and resonates via her success in Pilates.

Form an early age on Nesta has been interested in the flow of the human body, lines and extensions, body posture as well as physical strength and well-being. After years of ballet training she graduated with advanced at the Royal Academy of Dancing. Nesta subsequently entered the commercial sector and performed in Sun City SA, Madrid, Mallorca and Barcelona Spain, as well as taking part in world competitions in Miami USA. She enjoyed global recognition and respect as an adagio-star and principal dancer. Being the perfectionist she is, she constantly increases her knowledge about her field and after doing her first Pilates Mat Course through the Institute for Fitness Professionals, she completed the internationally acclaimed BASI Pilates Mat and Comprehensive Course (Body Arts & Science International).

She participates in all the latest workshops to stay up to date with the newest developments and progress in matters of body and health. Her exceptional perception and extensive experience merge in harmony with her natural ability to bring out the best in her students.

Her studio is based in Magaliessig and close to Fourways and Lonehill.


Philippe Monbaron

As a 61 year old male, I enjoyed sports and was never overweight however my back continuously deteriorated.
Eighteen months ago, I suffered from cervical and lower back pains and used to go almost every week to the chiropractor.

The identified cause was primarily long hours in front of a computer screen and old injuries that took place more than 30 years earlier!
My wife talk to me about Pilates with a lady called Nesta. I didn’t believe much of it, although I had noticed she had stopped complaining about her back pains!
Then my local chiropractor told me than Pilates would do me a lot of good! Finally as the session with him only improved my condition for short periods of time,
I decided to try Nesta. I never looked back! Nesta explained the problems of my weak stomach muscles and my compressed vertebra and that it would take time!
She prescribed two sessions of one hour per week. Initially it appears a lot! I never looked back.

After as little as 3 months my back had improved drastically! 18 months later I am still enjoying my Pilates, twice a week.
My cervical and back pains have disappeared. If I have a small relapse which does happen with the incredible changes of climate and temperature that we enjoy,
then within a week the minor issue is fixed! I never looked back!


Dustin Ellis

I have been going to Nesta for 3 years now. I have a lower back injury (Spondylolisthesis) and had lost faith in being competitively active again.
When I first went to her I was only cycling as any other activity would cause back pain.
3 years later and I have completed 3 Ironman and many other triathlons as well as an improved quality of life.
The all-round strength gained through Pilates has allowed me to achieve more than I thought I could.
Nesta is fantastic and explains what the exercises target and builds your strength at your pace. Thanks Nesta


Kristen Rudy

If ever you feel that you have no worth in this world, please remember the work that you do and how you have helped cope through my pregnancy :)
It’s not easy having a back injury and carrying a growing baby, but by doing Pilates with you,
my pain levels have been a level 2 instead of 12 and it’s no longer number one on my mind of how I’m going to cope.
I used to be on Schedule 5 pain killers almost every second day… the last 6 months have been bliss not having to take them :)
Your guidance, care and teaching has helped me in many ways. You are a gift! Thank you again.


Nix Woodhouse

I'm an avid runner, running between 60 and 120km's a week over long periods of time with very few breaks in between!
One thing I know for sure is that I definitely wouldn't be able to run these kinds of distances if it wasn't for Pilates!
Prior to incorporating Pilates into my training schedule (I go 3 times a week)
I used to really battle with debilitating knee and back injuries, but a couple of months after starting Pilates my whole body strengthened!
Especially my "problem running areas" - Core, hips, quads, knees, calves, and ankles, positively impacting my running, as well as my overall health and wellbeing!
People think that Pilates does not apply to athletes but I will never stop going, as it has without doubt made ALL the difference to my running! Thank you so much Nesta!

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